GHG emissions
life-cycle analysis


Sustainability is a strategic enabler of long-term growth for wall-building materials provider H+H International. The company wanted to understand where the greatest opportunities were to reduce emissions in its products in order to underpin its focus on sustainable buildings.

  • As part of our work on the development of H+H’s sustainability strategy, we conducted a life-cycle analysis based on standardised Environmental Product Descriptions (“EPDs”) for AAC and CSU products – the two main wall-building materials manufactured and supplied by H+H.

  • The analysis determined that approximately 75% of the life-cycle emissions from H+H’s products come from the manufacture of cement and lime – key ingredients used in H+H’s manufacturing process. These emissions lie “upstream” with the cement and lime producers and are part of H+H’s scope 3 emissions.

  • Using plans published by the major cement associations and leading manufacturers to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, and through opportunities to reduce its own scope 1 and 2 emissions, we helped H+H to determine a credible pathway to net-zero for its products.